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he Official Committee of Secured Equity Holders of Washington Mutual Inc., which sued the bank March 10 seeking to compel an immediate annual shareholders’ meeting, wants permission to intervene in an adversary proceeding brought by WaMu shareholders that seeks “virtually identical relief,” the committee said in court papers.

The Obama administration pledged $1 billion in stimulus funds to capture carbon emissions from a coal-fired Ameren Corp. power plant in Illinois, the biggest U.S. effort to show the polluting fuel can be made cleaner.

Mr Zardari, who is under criticism for visiting Britain while Pakistan is suffering from devastating floods, was in the middle of a speech when an elderly man in the 1,000 strong crowd hurled both shoes at him. The gesture is considered a traditional insult in Islam.

Concern over possible missile strikes or major terror attacks has spurred the Jordanians to closer security collaboration with Israel.

Labour has accused David Cameron of committing a gaffe by mistakenly claiming Iran has a nuclear weapon.

Asked why he was backing Turkey to join the EU, he said it could help solve the world’s problems, “like the Middle East peace process, like the fact that Iran has got a nuclear weapon”

Fars news agency says Tehran signs deal with Belarus after Russiare portedly refused to provide Iran with the surface-to-air system over recent UN sanctions.

Heart breaking Pictures from flood-hit areas.

China Plans Huge Buses That Can DRIVE OVER Cars (PHOTOS)